Tue 22 Feb 2022 by Co-operation Ireland

Co-operation Ireland’s Future Leaders programme is aimed at providing young people with the opportunity to broaden their horizons and teach them valuable skills to last a lifetime.  One such young person is Billy Roberts, a 16-year-old student from Cobh, Co. Cork.

Billy recently completed a work experience placement at one of Co-operation Ireland’s ambassadors, Deloitte.

Billy became involved in Co-operation Ireland and the Future Leaders programme in November of 2021. The initial reasons Billy gave for wanting to get involved in the programme included wanting to meet new people, learn leadership skills as well as having an interest in the north of Ireland.  Billy was chosen by his teacher to apply for the Co-operation Ireland Future Leaders programme, which led to an interview and eventually his selection.

Speaking about his time at Deloitte, Billy said,

“My work experience was pretty much perfect! I learned valuable skills such as CV writing and wellbeing.  I discovered additional study and job avenues, both at home and abroad, I wasn’t aware of before, but the highlight for me was the opportunity to see demonstrations of Muay Thai martial arts techniques!”

Billy Roberts, Co-operation Ireland Future Leaders Programme participant

The Future Leaders programme has, as Billy said, allowed him to meet new people and learning to work with these people as a team.

When asked about his involvement in the Co-operation Ireland Future Leaders programme, Billy said, “The leadership I learnt about was not about me being the boss – I am ‘not on top’ – but rather, I’m learning to work as a first among equals, taking charge and being decisive where I need to be.”

Throughout his time in the Future Leaders program, Billy learned how to work as part of a team, co-ordinating work, communicating ideas, and learning to take charge to make sure everyone did their part.  The programme also offers opportunities for young leaders to meet and connect with new people across the island of Ireland.

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