All-island Schools 4 Climate Action

All-island Schools 4 Climate Action

AIS4CA is a student-led programme aiming to enhance environmental education through schools across the island, while at the same time fostering cross-border collaboration.

All-island Schools 4 Climate Action is an ambitious new educational collaboration between Co-operation Ireland, EcoEd4All, the Education Authority for Northern Ireland (EANI) and Alison.

The programme will enhance environmental education by delivering a series of certified online environmental and climate science lessons.

We are also enhancing trans-jurisdictional collaboration between schools, through the development and implementation of social action projects.  These projects provide a practical element to the programme, which reinforces learning and empowers students to lead by example and to create change in their communities.

The programme is making environmental education accessible and freely available to all students, parents, teachers and citizens, to promote awareness, understanding, and encourage behavioural change by communicating small, practical actions that can be implemented immediately.

Duncan Stewart, Environmentalist and host of RTÉ’s Eco Eye series

“It’s critical that the climate crisis is addressed urgently. Education is our most powerful way to achieve change. I’m delighted to be part of this important programme, which is equipping students to be agents of change in shaping a more sustainable society, through environmental education and social action training.

All-island Schools 4 Climate Action is the voice of the young generation advocating behavioural action and accelerating change: now. Climate change does not wait, and this initiative is about more than just an ambition – it is all about accelerating action as quickly as possible. Education, knowledge and responsibility are our personal starting points and – with cross-border collaboration – school students are building an all-island approach around saving their common future.

Participating Schools

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