The concept of ‘Islands’

The LEGaSi approach is to provide a series of discrete and interlocking ‘learning environments’ called ‘Islands’ where participants can ‘visit’ and encounter experiences that will add to their knowledge and enhance their skills in a variety of areas.  These ‘Islands’ are mainly provided by organisations, businesses and agencies.  The ‘islands’ are all of differing lengths and indeed some of them are at different levels.  Their content is a combination of what most people would consider the basics of a ‘Capacity Building’ programme along with the specific needs of both individuals and communities.

The Media: Media Awareness

The first in a series of 4 Media Islands took place on Wednesday 30th March in the Crescent Arts Centre and was delivered by Channel56.  The presenters were Malachi O’Doherty and  Angelina Fusco.  Attended by 15 of the LEGaSi participants a very informative island give those there an insight into the media and how it approaches stories and reporting and how those who encounter it can present themselves and their story in a positive and planned way.  Those attending all agreed that it was a very worthwhile exercise and much was learned and they are now better informed to approach, react and make use of the media instead of, in some cases, being at the mercy of it.

No 2 will take place on Monday 4th April in the Channel 56 premises where the topic is Radio and Television.  This should be very interesting!!!!!!

Public Speaking

The Public Speaking LEGASi island was held in Jurys Inn Thursday 4th February. This was the first of several and was an introduction. It is hoped that more practical islands will take place over the next few months resulting in presentations being given to other projects by the LEGaSi participants.

Thanks to the Washington Ireland Programme for organising our speakers Paul, Rachel and Karina who gave up their time to deliver the island.

It was also an opportunity to try out Periscope for the first time, bit of a learning curve needed there.

Protests – the rights of those involved

The latest Island in the LEGaSi project was entitled ‘Protest – the rights of those involved’.  This island took place in the Park Avenue Hotel Belfast on Friday 15th January 2016.  The island was well attended including the majority of those who attended the previous one.  We had a couple of additional attendees. 

The island was delivered by the PSNI and the same format as previous islands was used.  This involved an introduction explaining the role of the PSNI in protests and their statutory responsibilities (Section 32 Police Act 2000ECHR and the Health and Safety at Work Act), followed by scenario based discussion.  Human Rights were also discussed in relation to those protesting, the PSNI and the general public.  This was followed by the role of the Police during ‘Breaches of Determination’.

As before, the island used scenarios which were then discussed by the participants.  The scenarios involved a protest which was blocking the road and the discussion centered on what should the PSNI considerations be.  After feedback the situation was changed by the introduction of a rival crowd and again the groups discussed actions that should be taken by the PSNI.  During these discussions there were many questions as to procedures and policies and the decision making process. Information was also provided as to the role of the Police Ombudsman especially when investigations are instigated (e.g. every time a ‘rubber bullet’ was used an investigation would immediately be started).

During these discussions the request was made to arrange for the Parades Commission to attend the next island in this series.

“The Criminal Justice System: start to finish”

This island aimed at providing the LEGaSi participants with an interactive taste of the Justice Line. It explained some of the activities and processes that have to be considered in any law and order event that involves the PSNI and the PPSNI.  Representatives from both organisations presented scenarios of possible events and occurrences that they encounter on a daily basis.  The participants took on the decision making roles of the PSNI and the PPSNI thereby gaining an insight into what must be considered when information is received right through  to decisions about when to take action, the action itself, the collection of evidence and subsequent prosecution.

Feedback was very positive and requests for further similar islands was expressed.

Jo’s Crowd Funding Presentation

Local Examples of crowd funding

Just a very quick follow up on the Crowd Funding information session we had in the Park Avenue Hotel…there’s an example in the link below of a man based in Liverpool who has written a book on the murals in Belfast, he needed to raise £4,500 to print the book and so far has raised £12,705 with 20 days still to go!

If anyone has any ideas (even just for a small amount as a trial) don’t hesitate to contact Alan or Emma
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