Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

Co-operation Ireland in partnership with Net Eire at Morgan Stanley Bank hold an annual tailored academy course for young people aged 16-18 from Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and London. Young people are selected for their potential as individuals who could really benefit from the opportunity to experience the corporate world, meet people from diverse walks of life and begin to think about and explore his or her hopes and ambitions for the future.

This project is a unique opportunity and is packed full of activities designed to challenge, stretch and inspire, including interactive workshops (e.g. project management, marketing and employability), presentations from industry professionals, an inside view of Morgan Stanley’s trading floor, field visits and talks from carefully selected speakers. Each year, a theme is selected, such as diversity, leadership, entrepreneurs and communication. The young people are facilitated to consider the theme at the start of the programme and use their experiences throughout to create and deliver a presentation in small mixed teams to an audience of Morgan Stanley employees and invited guests.

The aim of ‘Banking on the Future’ is to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds in order to benefit their personal and skills development by experiencing the corporate environment. Our objectives are to provide young people who may have leadership potential with the opportunity to:

  • Engage with banking professionals and other young people from diverse backgrounds in order to
  • Gain insights into the employment opportunities and career paths in the corporate worlds as well as to:
  • Build confidence and employment skills.

 We hope that by the end of the programme the young people will:

  • Have a greater understanding of the corporate world;
  • Have considered what career opportunities may be available to them in the host and other professional environments;
  • Have grown in confidence and ambition in considering their future careers;
  • Have increased confidence and feel more comfortable in mixing with others from diverse backgrounds;
  • Have increased speaking, listening and presentation skills as well as increased ability in working with others.
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