Open Doors

Open Doors

A project supported by the European Union’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB)

Open Doors is a new regional initiative, which aims to build relationships between the ex-prisoner / former combatant community, and other groups and sectors across the region.

Developed over a 2-year period, the project will be led by Co-operation Ireland, working in partnership with Charter NI, the Ex-Prisoners Interpretative Centre, Teach Na Failte and the Plough Historical and Cultural Group.

The proposals put forward by the partners have now been approved for funding by the Special EU Programmes Body, with a total award of over €1.6 million from the Peace IV programme to enable the partners to deliver the project objectives over the next 3 years.

Over this period, OPEN DOORS project will build a path towards a normalised society, which accepts the past and recognises the important contribution that ex-prisoners/ former combatants can make to a peaceful society. It will encourage members of the ex-prisoner / former combatant community to participate in a range of activities which:

  • Promote re-integration with other sections in the community
  • Connect with the services established to provide for those impacted by the legacy of conflict
  • Take a positive role in the healing of community divisions and the future development of our society

Achieving these goals will be a significant step for peace-building across the region, and will have sustainable benefits across society, both for the ex-prisoner / former combatant community and for those seeking healing for victims and survivors of the conflict.

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