Orangefield Mural – NI Alternatives 

Orangefield Mural – NI Alternatives 


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The Orangefield mural project originated from the tragic loss of a beloved friend to a drug overdose, highlighting the need for community engagement and support in the area. 


The mural was a key initiative by NI Alternatives, showcasing their responsiveness to local needs and their emphasis on co-design in program activities. Local young men from the area gathered weekly to design, plan, and create the mural as a tribute to their friend. This process was not just about creating a piece of art but also about engaging these young men in a meaningful and constructive activity. 


The project successfully engaged local youth, enhancing community infrastructure and strengthening local networks. It increased hope and the capacity for positive change within the community. The young men involved expressed pride in their work, hoping the mural would change community perceptions of them from being seen as ‘messers’ to being recognized as valuable contributors with the potential to shape the future of their area. The mural stands as a testament to improving the health and well-being of a vulnerable population and empowering young people. It leaves a lasting physical legacy and a significant impact on the lives of those involved. 

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