Seven European countries represented at ‘Stronger Together’ International Climate Change Summit

Seven European countries represented at ‘Stronger Together’ International Climate Change Summit

Fri 06 May 2022 by Co-operation Ireland

DUBLIN – Climate change activists from seven European countries, travelled to Dublin for an international climate change networking event, co-hosted by Co-operation Ireland and the British Council Ireland.

Delegates from 7 European countries travelled to Dublin for the networking event

The event, Stronger Together: International Networking for Climate Change, was held from Thursday 28th April to Sunday 1st May 2022; following the success of the Active Citizen Programme, delivered jointly by both Co-operation Ireland and British Council Ireland last year.

Stronger Together saw young climate activists from across Europe come together, with the purpose of inspiring collaboration, sharing ideas and discussing future plans of how to collectively tackle climate change. 

Climate activists from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia were represented at the event, including Andrew Ramsey – who, last year, initiated the Circular Gastronomy social action project) – and Jacinta Hamley and Rebecca Jane McMonagle, founders of Climate Craic, a project which aims to empower citizen action and push for political action in relation to the climate and environmental crisis in Northern Ireland.  They are 3 of the 18 young people trained as part of last year’s Active Citizens programme.

Jacinta Hamley, co-founder of Climate Craic, at the first Climate Craic Festival in Stormont

Delegates were welcomed to the international gathering by Peter Sheridan, CEO of Co-operation Ireland, and Kerry McCall Magan, Country Director of British Council Ireland.

On Friday 28th April, delegates visited the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun, Dublin, where Claire Downey, the Head of Research and Policy, where delegates were given an overview of their programmes and a guided tour of the facility, where they discussed the importance of social enterprise and how to integrate the circular economy into daily lifestyle.

Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun, Dublin

The delegation also paid a visit to the Airfield Estate in Dundrum, where our delegates were treated to a guided tour of the estate by Head of Sustainability and Operations, John O’Toole.

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