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FEATURE ARTICLE | East-West and North-South connections strengthened as Co-operation Ireland Future Leaders holds Connect Day

BELFAST – Emerging leaders from across the UK and Ireland gathered at the Allstate Northern...


Connecting Belfast and Cork: Gilbert-Ash hosts Co-operation Ireland Future Leaders programme for leadership workshops

Maintaining an island-wide network of schools can be a challenge, but it’s something that Co-operation...


CIFL2023 | New ‘Passion Projects’ announced as part of Co-operation Ireland Future Leaders programme

Co-operation Ireland is excited to introduce the new ‘Passion Projects’ concept to Co-operation Ireland Future...


Peacebuilders from across Ireland celebrate Future Leaders showcase in Dublin

DUBLIN – The annual Co-operation Ireland Future Leaders Showcase was held at the EPIC Museum...


East-West Connections Enhanced at Future Leaders Connect Day

In this post-Brexit world, Co-operation Ireland is committed to ensuring the development of East/West connections...

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