Carrickfergus Re-Imaging Programme – Wonderarts 

Carrickfergus Re-Imaging Programme – Wonderarts 


CR1, CR4, CR5, CR8 


In the Carrickfergus and Larne areas, one of the primary objectives for Communities in Transition was to enhance public spaces by diminishing visible remnants of the conflict. This involved addressing murals and graffiti that contributed to an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. 


Communities in Transition initiated a community engagement process to reimagine six sites across the area. Three of these sites featured extreme paramilitary imagery, and the other three were used for threatening and political graffiti. The Community Partnership collaborated with various groups and organisations to select themes for new artworks. A significant theme was the Royal connection to Carrickfergus and the surrounding area, along with positive imagery to inspire young people. Consequently, two murals were created featuring Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince William, and Princess Catherine. These murals replaced well-known paramilitary ones. Additionally, a third mural by international street artist Aches showcased a young participant from a previous project, and three other murals were installed by various street artists. 


The result was a transformation of public spaces in Carrickfergus and Larne. The new murals, replacing symbols of conflict with inspiring and positive imagery, have contributed to altering the community’s visual landscape. This initiative has not only improved the aesthetic appeal of these areas but also helped in reducing the sense of fear and intimidation associated with the earlier images. 

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