Health and Wellbeing Action Plans – Old Library Trust and Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum 

Health and Wellbeing Action Plans – Old Library Trust and Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum 


CR1, CR2, CR3, CR5, CR7 


The programme identified a need for a structured health and wellbeing support system for participants referred to it. This need was addressed through a personalised approach to health and wellbeing, ensuring participants receive tailored support based on their individual circumstances and requirements. 


Upon referral, participants underwent an initial meeting including a comprehensive health and wellbeing assessment and recording of baseline health scores. Each participant was assigned a Community Health Mentor to co-design a personalised health and wellbeing action plan, guiding their engagement with the programme over a year. The support provided included weekly engagements via phone, text, and face-to-face meetings with the mentors. Participants also had access to a timetable of weekly activities at OLT (Old Library Trust) and BBHF (Building Better Healthier Futures), offering spaces for sharing experiences and interacting with others and programme staff. 


After 12 months, mentors conducted ‘distance travelled’ measurements using the same tools as at the start, alongside an exit interview to assess progress. If limited progress was shown, mentors could recommend a second year of engagement — 33% of pilot year participants reengaged in Year 1. Supplementing these supports were various health support activities like Fresh Little Minds programmes in primary schools, gambling workshops, student workshops on addiction and mental health, and suicide prevention training. The benefits of the programme, as outlined in the provided infographic, demonstrated its effectiveness in improving the health and wellbeing of participants through personalised support and a range of supplementary activities. 


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