Circle of Learning 2018/2019

Circle of Learning 2018/2019

Information on 2018-2019 Circle of Learning Programme

The 2018-2019 Circle of Learning programme came to an end after another successful series of events.

Circle of Learning was devised to provide a continuity of learning within and between communities by supporting the transfer of knowledge and learning between established leaders and groups that are less experienced in community development practices.

The programme has been running since 2013 and in what was a slight change to the delivery model, the 2018/19 programme selected four hubs across the region that were tasked with supporting the work of three organisations in their area that require capacity development. The four hubs were:

1.      Derry/Londondery: Leafair Community Association

2.      North Down/Ards: Ards Community Network

3.      Derry/Londonderry: Sperrin Cultural Awareness Association

4.      Lurgan: Shankill Caring Parish Association

The 12 groups benefited from a local organisation to support their efforts to develop smaller organisations and provide mentoring support, which facilitated them feeding into the region wide network. The networking programme included regular meetings, residentials, study visits and provided a small budget for social action projects.

Throughout the year, the 12 groups, which includes community associations, faith groups, youth groups, women’s groups and cultural groups from across Northern Ireland, participated in opportunities for: 

1.      Increased opportunities for engagement and collaboration between participating groups taking part in structured networking and learning exchanges

2.      Relationship building between groups, to share information, seek advice and get advice on plans

3.      Increase capacity of groups through the up-skilling and emergence of dynamic community activists

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