Lurgan and Craigavon

Lurgan and Craigavon

Drumgask and Kilwilkie

What’s happening in this area?

Health and Wellbeing

Copius Advisory Services are working to train a cohort of community health champions, raise awareness of how to access existing support services and deliver bespoke area based interventions. 

Community Safety

Community Restorative Justice Ireland (CRJI) are supporting the development of community responses to crime and anti-social behaviour through a community engagement forum. The first phase of the Lurgan Community Safety CIT programme, which ran until June 2021, established the foundations for better partnership working between local communities, statutory bodies and key response services. Despite the impact of Covid-19, Community Restorative Justice Ireland (CRJI) carried out an extensive engagement process resulting in the establishment of a Community Engagement Forum which is very active in the local area and represents 23 different organisations and individuals.  Early success is evident in ground breaking campaigns led by the community and supported by key stakeholders including the PSNI to address priority areas established in the Community Engagement Forums Priority Action Plan including Drugs, Anti-Social Behaviour and Criminal Armed Gangs. Find out more at or on twitter @CRJIcentral.

Community Capacity Building

Copius Advisory Services are providing ongoing mentoring support, training and development opportunities to community and voluntary sector groups in North Lurgan and Drumgask, including support to take forward the draft area regeneration plans developed through the Area Regeneration initiative. Their work builds on capacity building support provided by Bryson Care and Tides Training during 2020/21.

Expanding Restorative Practice

Community Restorative Justice Ireland (CRJI) in partnership with NI Alternatives are offering free Restorative Practice training for community workers and statutory agencies who work in the eight Communities in Transition target areas. Find out more at or on twitter @CRJIcentral.

Outreach, Information and Connect service for EPFC Community

Tar Isteach are delivering an EX Prisioner support project in four Communities in Transtion areas, including North Lurgan and Drumgask. The project is working towards de-romanticing the past and providing ex-prisoners in the community the opportunity to demonstrate their contribution to society as well as providing support services including advocacy, welfare rights and mental health support. This project builds on a pilot Ex-prisoner and Former Combatant project delivered by Copius Advisory Services.

Facilitating Area Regeneration

In 2020/21 Copius Advisory Services provided the opportunity for people from Kilwilkie and Drumgask to learn about making Urban Regeneration happen and to get involved in the design of an urban regeneration plan. The Facilitating Area Regeneration programme was delivered across the North Lurgan and Drumgask areas in Lurgan / Craigavon completed in March 2021 with the production of two area regeneration plans – one for each area. A co-design process throughout saw the establishment of two Local Action Committees made up of local residents who informed the capital development process which included, identification of potential regeneration projects, engagement with various professionals, capacity building workshops and site visits to other areas and ultimately directly informing the plans for each of the areas. These plans can now be taken forward by the Local Action Committees with support from the Communities in Transition Capacity Building project.

Funded by The Executive Office

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