Shankill Road

What’s happening in this area?

Health and Well-being

Extern NI are leading delivery on a Health and Wellbeing Programme which addresses underlying community and personal issues around mental health and wellbeing through raising awareness of available services in the area, recruiting and training a cohort of community champions, providing a befriending/ mentoring service and providing targeted holistic interventions to families within the community, tackling issues such as substance abuse and addiction, social isolation and mental ill-health.

Community Safety

NI Alternatives are delivering a project to build on existing community safety work in Shankill, get more people involved in Community Safety activity and promoting positive and productive relationships between the community and emergency response services. Through the project NI Alternatives have supported the development of local volunteers, structures and partnerships to help address community safety issues across the Greater Shankill.  They engaged with local residents in to identify and address community safety issues. Their Local Area Partners implemented projects and initiatives across upper, mid and lower Shankill and were able provide a localised and bespoke response to issues. NI Alternatives have piloted BUILD Shankill which looked at undeveloped waste sites that have been neglected and become unsightly. They have created a working group made up of community, political and statutory reps to help address the blight of disused and abandoned sites and to push for development and investment into the Shankill.   

Restorative Practices

The STARS (Striving Towards a Restorative Society) is being delivered across all eight CIT areas by Community Restorative Justice Ireland and NI Alternatives. The project aims to increase the use of restorative practices in community settings through provision of training and mentoring support.

Ex Prisoner Support

The ACT Initiative are delivering an Ex Prisoner Support Programme in four Communities in Transition areas, including Shankill. The project seeks to build acceptance of ex-prisoners in the community and realise the positive contribution to society they have to make. It also includes an element of support services including advocacy, welfare rights and mental health support.

Community Capacity Building

Through the Up! project Great Shankill Partnership supported 29 community and voluntary sector groups in the Greater Shankill Area to increase their capacity. The project provided opportunity for groups to focus on their own needs and development goals and included an organisational healthcheck, training and support and the opportunity for groups to develop their own project.

Culture and Identity

Greater Shankill Partnership delivered a programme of arts activity to increase the capacity of individuals and groups to be the agents of cultural change in their area. The project included a provision of training in arts as a pathway into employment or volunteering as a programme of arts activity to positively showcase the area.

Funded by The Executive Office

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