Community Capacity in Action

Community Capacity in Action

Co-operation Ireland’s Community Capacity in Action (CCiA) project funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs will work with 20 -25 participants from the PUL Communities in Newtownabbey and Carrickfergus over 12 months.

The aim will be to build capacity of a specific cohort of working class PUL participants, through a series of opportunities to learn needed skills and knowledge that will assist them personally and their communities

The programme will include a series of interactive workshops including;

  1. Democracy
  2. Local Government
  3. Region al Government
  4. Voting systems
  5. Representational models
  6. UK Law
  7. Institutions of democracy
  8. Brexit
  9. Policing
  10. Justice system
  11. Housing
  12. Local Government
  13. Community Development funding
  14. Commissions and parading
  15. Victims
  16. Children

Participants will also take part in an accredited qualification relevant to the topic – an OCN in Influencing Political Governance & Community Leadership within Civic Society

There will be relevant organised visits and participants will take part in individual or Social Action Projects

The training will be carried out by Utopian Learning

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