The LEGaSi (Learning, Education, Growth and Succession Intervention) project is being developed with the principal aim of facilitating people within Protestant Unionist Loyalist (PUL) areas to strengthen their communities. The project will run over 5 years with people aged approximately 25-45 years who have been identified as potential influencers within their communities. 

In this unique model, the project will work with each individual participant and develop a bespoke programme that is tailored specifically for their needs. This may include identifying and signposting them to suitable learning and skills development opportunities that will build their capacity to become agents of change and realise their vision for their community.

In consultation with our participants, Co-operation Ireland is working with individual professionals and organisations across all sectors, to create a variety of learning and experiential opportunities (we’re calling these ‘islands’) that participants can choose from.  This will be a fluid and organic process to suit individual and community needs and aspirations.

 There are three distinct areas of work within the project:

  • Facilitate and encourage participants to build a vision for their community – where do they want to get to?
  • Build capacity in aspiration, skills and knowledge amongst participants, so that they become positive influencers and have the ability to drive their community towards the vision
  • Provide seed funding and support to enable participants to devise and implement social innovation projects that will have a direct benefit to the community and will contribute towards achieving the vision.
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